Rainbird A17 Plastic Shrubbery Spray Nozzles


Rain Bird A17 Matched Precipitation Rate Riser-Mounted Shrub Nozzles 8′ to 15′ Spray Distance. This specialty nozzle is designed with a ½” female pipe connection for mounting above ground on a standard ½” riser. Trusted for decades, Rain Bird MPR Nozzles feature Matched Precipitation Rate watering distribution technology. Nozzles with varying arcs and radii can be mixed on the same zone regardless of spray adjustment and still maintain even water distribution rates.

MPR nozzles are designed to provide uniform coverage with no dry or brown spots for healthier landscapes and water savings. Non-corrosive plastic and stainless steel construction for long life. Stainless steel adjustment screw adjusts flow rate from 0.65 to 0.92 gallons per minute and spray distance from 8’ to 15′. “Captured” screw slot prevents screwdriver slippage during adjustment. White medium mesh filter screen protects from clogging and maintains precise radius adjustment. A wide selection of MPR nozzles is available, so the distribution of water can be tailored to meet the unique and diverse needs of your landscape.



  • Flow rate: 0.65 to 0.92 gallons per minute
  • Spray distance from 8’ to 15′