Jain Quick – Connect PE Pipe

  • Specially Designed Various Quick Connect Coupler Specially designed various quick connect coupler ensures speedy joint and easy detachment.
  • Smooth Inner Wall Smooth inner wall minimizes frictional losses and scaling due to precipitation
  • Available in Various Pressure Rating and Standards Pressure ratings – 2.5, 3.2, 4 & 6 kg/cm² as per IS 14151 & IS 4984. Manufacturing Sandards – IS14151, IS 4984, ASTM D 3035, ISO 427
  • Innovative Rubber Seal Rubber seal gives pressure tight, leak proof joints.
  • Close Dimensional Tolerances Excellent Characteristics of PE provided durable pipe with close dimensional tolerances
  • Advance Manufacturing Technology Advance manufacturing technology and our experience bring the quality products in the market