Jain PVC Ball Valves – DU

Used for flow control in irrigation & water supply lines


  • Compact Double Union (DU) Design Compact Double Union (DU) design, manufactured from high performance rigid uPVC compound
  • Easy to Install and Dismantle. Two union nuts provided for both ends provides easiness to install and dismantle valve
  • Innovative Two Types of Seat Rings Available in two seat ring options – economical HDPE seat ring or leak resistance Teflon (PTFE) seat ring for high pressure applications.
  • Chemical Resistant Nitrile Rubber-O-Rings Chemical resistant nitrile rubber- O-rings ensures leak proof operation for longer period.
  • Added with Safety Added with safety for accidental loosening of the ball is prevented
  • Equipped with Leak Proof Handle Valve Stem with Stem `O´ ring prevents leakage from handle.