Jain Labyrinth Stake Elbow

  • Stake with Inbuilt Emitter Turbulent flow path with stake for correct and stable positioning of the dripper.
  • Precise injection moulded flow path Provides uniform distribution of water when used with the dripper and multioutlet connectors in pot/bag irrigation.
  • Special Provision of Inspection Window Facilitates visual observation of falling droplets.
  • Easy to Install Angular Shaped Stake Prevents tube snap-off and reduces stresses on the tubing.
  • Uniform Dispersion of Water Drop split knife helps for water dispersion to cover maximum root zone area.
  • Multipurpose Utility Can be used as an independent dripper or with online emitter to divide the flow uniformly.
  • Minimum recommended working pressure: 1 kg/cm2.
  • Maximum recommended flow per outlet: 2.0 l/h.
  • Minimum recommended flow per outlet: – Flat surface and uniform tube length – 0.5 l/h – On a slope or uneven elevation – 1.0 l/h
  • When used with dripper and multi-outlet connector, ensure that level difference between the pots/bags shall not be more than 5cm.